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Applied Finance
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance
Journal of Empirical Finance
Journal of Financial and
Quantitative Analysis

Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

Asset Management

Financial Markets and Portfolio Management

Journal of Alternative Investments
Journal of Asset Management
Journal of Digital Asset Management

Journal of Fixed Income

Journal of Investing

Journal of Investment Management

Journal of Portfolio Management

Journal of Private Equity

Journal of Wealth Management

Risk Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance: An International Review

Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

Journal of Corporate Finance

Derivative Instruments

Journal of Derivatives

Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds

Journal of Structured Finance

Review of Derivatives Research

Econometrics & Statistics

Finance and Stochastics

Journal of Financial Econometrics

Review of Economics and Statistics


American Economic Review

Asian Economics Papers

Journal of Economic Literature

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Journal of the Japanese and International Economies

Journal of Political Economy

Journal of the European Economic Association

New England Economic Review

Quarterly Journal of Economics

Federal Reserve Publications

Business Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Current Issues in Economics and Finance, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Economic Perspectives, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Economic Policy Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Economic Quarterly, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Quarterly Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Review, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

European Journal of Finance
Financial Analysts Journal

Financial Review

International Review of Finance

Journal of Banking & Finance

Journal of Finance

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Pacific-Basin Finance Journal

Review of Finance

Review of Financial Studies

Financial Economics

International Finance

International Review of Economics & Finance

Journal of Economics and Finance

Journal of Financial Economics

Journal of International Money and Finance

Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance

Review of Financial Economics

Real Estate

Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management

Journal of Real Estate Research

The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Trading & Financial Markets

Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments

Journal of Financial Research

Journal of Financial Services Research

Journal of Futures Markets

Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money

Journal of Trading

Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies


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