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 It is certainly difficult in business and economics to be topical and also to be professionally sound; yet Straight from The Lab  has managed to strike a good balance. The pieces react to new events and evolving tendencies, but the approach is good economics. And most articles are good to read - this is not easy, either."

Peter Akos Bod
First independent governor of the Hungarian National Bank (1991-1994)

 With a careful selection of the most important readings, SFTL allows me to be at the leading edge of financial information with an early and easy access to future standards, products and trends in the AM industry. SFTL is definitely one of my key tools when discussing with funds selectors, portfolio managers and advisers."

Babak Abrar
VP Sales Manager
Natixis Global Associates

 Under stressed markets, nothing's more valuable than a serious and independent academic research. In this respect, Straight from The Lab delivers a very clear review of the most important pieces in finance. This is a must-have for all genuine business consultants."

Thierry Geiger

Economist & Global Leadership Fellow
World Economic Forum

 Straight from The Lab  offers a succinct and insightful digest of what's new in many of the top journals in the field, including links to the published and working papers. Great resource for both practitioners and academics."

Daniel Gomez
University of Chicago
Booth School of Business

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