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 To pass successfully all 3 levels of the CFA exam requires an in-depth knowledge of the latest research in finance. In order to stay on the cutting-edge of well founded research I can only recommend Straight from The Lab to all current and future CFA candidates."

Luca Isik, CFA
Investment Risk Analyst
Bank Vontobel

 I warmly recommend  Straight from The Lab to anyone involved with strategy and financial planning."

Ramon Arean

Director of Strategy & Planning
Orange France Telecom Group

 Asset managers and practitioners should always keep an eye on the latest financial research. Straight from The Lab not only provides that, it also gives readers access to all original works with concrete investment tips. A great service and the only one of its kind available on the market!"

Laurent Fresard
HEC Paris 
Assistant Professor of Finance

The Straight from The Lab advising team is composed of financial researchers, asset managers, economists and financial reporters. Our monthly newsletter is edited by Swiss Invest Lab SA, a Swiss-based company located in Lausanne.

Here is how we work:
Every month, our advising team reviews more than 70 top journals in finance and hundreds of working papers. Their unique selection is then screened by our staff, who is solely responsible for making the final decision on the retained articles. After a first writing by our staff members, the newsletter is sent back to our advising team for evaluation. The monthly newsletter is finally delivered to subscribers on every last Friday of the month.

Our main objective is to put academic work where it should be: at the ready of managers, researchers and investors. All members of our advising team strongly believe that universities, think tanks and research institutes offer extremely valuable insights into future market trends. Unfortunately, the majority of their findings go unnoticed by mainstream financial news and market participants. We here at Straight from The Lab aim to fill this gap and present the value of those major findings to the investment community.

If you have any questions regarding our firm, you may contact us through our homepage.

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The Straight from The Lab team



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